Automate Your Phone Ordering With HazlVoice

Stop missing phone calls & orders. Free up your staff’s time by rerouting customers to your online ordering site.



Fewer Calls & a Better Ordering Experience


Spend 42% less time on the phone

Get more orders without spending more time on the phone! HazlVoice sends more callers to order online, saving your staff tons of time.


Improve order accuracy

Your employees are human, and humans make mistakes. Give your customers the autonomy to place their orders themselves and order accuracy will increase!


Raise average revenue per order

People order more when they feel there’s no one judging them. The extra fries and tasty dessert upsells will be far more tempting, leading to high average ticket sizes.


More time to focus on dine-in guests

With HazlVoice handling the phone, your staff will be free to engage with your in-store customers, improving their experience and satisfaction.


HazlVoice Lite

Alleviate phone orders. Text customers your ordering link instead!

$119 per month / store

  • Text customers a link to your online ordering site
  • Quick & easy 3-step setup
  • Works with any Point of Sale service
  • Customers can still reach you by phone
  • Fully customizable call routing with sub-menus
  • Call-forwarding will connect callers for you
  • Recordings available in multiple languages
  • Upload your own recording or use automated voice over

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HazlVoice Pro

Offer customers another great, convenient way to order and drive more orders and more revenue.

$299 per month / store

  • Stay ahead of customer expectations
  • AI trained to take orders and answer questions
  • Reduce time spent on calls to your restaurant
  • Average of 25% higher profits per order
  • Improve order accuracy with less user error
  • Integrates with Clover and Hazlnut online ordering

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Missed Calls = Missed Orders & Revenue


Of all phone calls to a restaurant go unanswered.


Of callers are trying to place an order. That’s a ton of missed revenue!


Of all callers are placed on hold with an average hold time of over a minute.


Of estimated restaurant sales are placed online.


Setting Up HazlVoice is as Easy as 1-2-3

Our team is available to walk you through the process of setting you up.

  1. HazlVoice will pull your menu from your online ordering platform, then, just give it some information about your restaurants that guests often call about.
  2. Promote your new number to customers as a great, convenient new way to order from your restaurants.
  3. Relax and take in the silence as HazlVoice takes more orders and handles customer questions.

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See What Hazlnut Customers Are Saying


“Using HazlVoice for my restaurant has been an incredible experience! It’s automated my phone system…giving me and my staff valuable time back and improving the guest experience. 10 out of 10!


“Great app and superb support. They are always available and willing to help you in any way possible. They’ve added so many helpful features and tailored the app to our every need! Highly recommend it!”


“We use this app for 4 locations, they offer great support. Always looking for ways to improve if you have an issue they are extremely responsive. The look of the app is very user friendly and looks great. So happy I found this service!”


“We went through countless other online ordering services who claimed to be experts… But Hazlnut is the real deal. If you need professional app developers, look no further. You will not be disappointed.”

Get Ready to Take in The Silence With HazlVoice

Never miss another order over the phone. Keep customers happy with easier, more convenient ordering while you focus on what you do best. Let’s chat.

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