Delight More Customers With More Ways to Order

Every customer is unique. Easily give them more ways to order by adding SMS ordering with HazlVoice Pro.

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Reach More People. Take More Orders.


Of Gen Z’ers fear talking on the phone. 9 out of 10 would rather text than talk on the phone.1


Of millennial app users respond to push notifications. 29% of Millennials order restaurant delivery each week.2


Of Gen Xers go online primarily via laptop or desktop. Close to half of all Gen X consumers say they shop online.3


Of baby boomers would prefer to call over other options. 51% of baby boomers are not ordering delivery as often as they’d like.4


HazlVoice Pro

Start taking orders by text message. Give your customers more ordering flexibility and save staff time taking orders and answering questions by phone

$299 per month / store

  • A trained AI taking orders by text message
  • Reduce time spent on calls to your restaurant
  • Give customers an easy, flexible way to order
  • Customize how the bot interacts with guests
  • Stay ahead of customer expectations
  • Improve customer joy with lower hold times
  • Customers can still reach you by phone
  • Integrates with Clover or Square with Hazlnut online ordering

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Alleviate phone calls using text messaging without the ordering component to answer questions, like store location, hours, reservation and catering information, and more!

$149 per month / store

  • A trained AI providing useful information to guests
  • Reduce time spent on calls to your restaurant
  • Facilitate customer restaurant discovery.
  • Customize how the bot interacts with guests
  • Stay ahead of customer expectations
  • Improve customer satisfaction with lower hold times
  • Customers can still reach you by phone
  • Available regardless of your point of sale system

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Setting Up HazlVoice Pro is as Easy as 1-2-3

Our team is available to walk you through the process of setting up text ordering.

  1. Once you join HazlVoice Pro, you’ll select your new number for text ordering through the dashboard.
  2. Our bot will read your current online ordering menu through Hazlnut online ordering.
  3. If you have specific requests, add them to the dashboard; otherwise, the bot is ready to accept text orders!

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See What Hazlnut Customers Are Saying


“Using HazlVoice for my restaurant has been an incredible experience! It’s automated my phone system…giving me and my staff valuable time back and improving the guest experience. 10 out of 10!


“Great app and superb support. They are always available and willing to help you in any way possible. They’ve added so many helpful features and tailored the app to our every need! Highly recommend it!”


“We use this app for 4 locations, they offer great support. Always looking for ways to improve if you have an issue they are extremely responsive. The look of the app is very user friendly and looks great. So happy I found this service!”


“We went through countless other online ordering services who claimed to be experts… But Hazlnut is the real deal. If you need professional app developers, look no further. You will not be disappointed.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the HazlVoice Pro bot trained?

Our training is proprietary, but in short, the bot has been trained on ordering and menu data. You’ll get more specific restaurant-focused expertise from our team! If you have specific things you’d like to bot to send to customers, like greetings, or any additional information that the bot should be able to share, you can add it in the dashboard.

What if my customers want to talk with a person on-site?

When you start using HazlVoice Pro, you will select a new phone number through the dashboard. The number customers will use to place their orders by text will be different from your store’s number, so they can still call your usual number to speak with a member of your staff on-site.

Can I see the conversations my bot is having?

We are excited to announce that this is a feature that will be coming soon! It’s already in the works, and we’ll be sure to let all customers know as soon as it’s available.

What if I don’t have online ordering through Hazlnut?

Currently, HazlVoice Pro only works with the HazlVoice online ordering system through Clover and Square. However, Hazlvoice is a great addition to any restaurant because customers can still text your number to get answers to common questions instead of calling into your restaurant. This saves you and your team valuable time and gives customers a quick and easy way to get the info they need.

How will I be billed?

Whether you choose HazlVoice or HazlVoice Pro, your card on-file will be charged on a recurring monthly basis.

Ready for an Easy Way to Offer Another Way to Order?

Having more ways to order means you can reach more customers. Delight your customers with HazlVoice Pro. Let’s talk.

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